Honda C114 1964

Entry number 050 – Entered by Loz

This little poppet is a 50cc, 4 speeder, which can get up to just over 40mph on the flat. But if there is a head wind or on hills, she rapidly struggles. She went round the Isle of Man TT course in 1 hour 17 minutes (not bad for 50cc), but needed first gear briefly when starting the mountain climb.

Loz’s Honda C114 – 1964

Indian 741B 1941

Entry number 048 – Entered by Del

This was originally a 500cc, now bored to 600cc. It’s been made less life-threatening by having the throttle changed to the usual, right-hand side, unlike it’s original spec. Foot clutch, 3 speed. Shame about the colour!

Del’s Indian 741B – 1941

DMW Mk 8 1958

Entry number 046 – Entered by Bert

197cc Villiers 8E with a 3 speed box.  It was rescued from a skip in 1993 in a dilapidated state and it’s had a complete restoration.  It was originally registered in Reading Borough and I am only the 2nd registered owner, both owners from Berkshire.  An easy little bike to ride.

Bert’s DMW Mk 8 – 1958

Triumph TR5T Trophy 1972

Entry number 045 – Entered by John

This is an ex Royal Signals display team bike.

The bike has gone back home to North Yorks!

The buyer brought his grandad to view the bike, who rode with the display team and was responsible for selling off the bikes originally. He sold the bikes for the Army £100 each.

John’s Triumph TR5T Trophy – 1972