Due to COVID – 19 we have had to close most of our normal activities so far this year, meeting only via Zoom chatting on our Facebook and Whatsapp groups. We have started ride-outs again. If you are a member, and want to join our ride-outs you need to join either our Facebook or Whatsapps routes. Please get in touch through our contacts page on this website if you want to do that. We hope to resume meetings when the BCSA reopens on Thursdays. Other activities will be announced as they are arranged. We’ll keep you posted

Nacelle Report – May 2021

As I write this, we have finally been told we can head out on the highway again and ride with up to six people. During the last month, we’ve been fettling and polishing our bikes in preparation and one member has even had his ceramic coated. The weather’s getting better all the time and at month end, we expect to be riding along together with no particular place to go. By the time this you read this, we should have had several rides.

While waiting to get out, we have put together a photo album of our rides from last year which you can see on our website together with a YouTube video to remind us of some of the great rides we managed to do in 2020, despite COVID-19.

We are hoping the BCSA will open up again for Thursday club nights soon. In the meantime, we will continue to hold our Zoom meetings at 8pm each Thursday.

Sadly, long term Branch member, rocker, biker and friend, Ross Clements, passed away this month.  Our thoughts are with his wife Anita. Ross went on several of our Branch rides last year and was well known to many members.

A new Triumph Tiger by the Banksy at Reading Prison

The mystery street artist, Banksy, surprised everyone by painting a man trying to escape on the wall of Reading prison. One of our Branch members could not resist parking his Tiger as a get away bike in front of the picture and taking a photo of it.

Keep on rolling! 

Ton-Up Ted

Nacelle Report – April 2021

You gotta hang on ‘till tomorrow come what may? Writing this at the end of February, we are still to go on our first Branch ride of 2021 or meet up in person. By the end of February 2020, we’d already had six Branch ride-outs. In fact, last year, despite all the COVID restrictions, we still managed to have over 40 ride-outs. Please check out our YouTube channel “TOMCC Berkshire Runs” for some highlights of our 2020 rides. But we’re expecting to be riding again soon.  

 Boris’s four step plan announced in February means we can look forward to going on rides with one other person after the 8th March and rides in groups of up to six after the 29th March. By 17th May the limit will be raised to 30 people, which is more than we have ever had on a Branch ride, so our riding programme could be back in full swing by then. We have yet to get confirmation from the BCSA when it will re-open, buy we are hoping Branch meetings will restart in May. So with loosening restrictions and the weather getting warmer we have a lot to look forward to. It’s getting better all the time!!!

Now is the time to make sure your bike is ready to roll and look forward to some great Branch rides this year. Here are a couple of photographs to remind you of the good times which hope to come back soon.

Keep on rolling! 

Ton-Up Ted

Nacelle Report – March 2021

As burn ups on our bikes are not allowed at the moment, we’ve been spending our time just tuning our machines in our oily greasy jeans!!!  In sheds across Berkshire, members have been working on their bikes and chatting about them at our Thursday night Zoom meetings and on our WhatsApp group. One member has been facing some challenges restoring his T160 and grappling with the three into four into two exhaust pipes which never seem to quite fit. Meanwhile another member has started on the list of problems to fix on his Bonnie which now includes having to put new gaiters on.

Replacing the pipes on at T160

Even though the non-essential shops are closed, it’s still possible to buy motorbikes so  another member has treated himself to a nearly new Tiger 900. He spent some time fitting a Top Box on, but now all he can do is look at it, as he’s not allowed to ride it at the moment.

New Tiger for when lockdown ends

Despite no rides being allowed at the moment, the WhatsApp group used to arrange them is still active with members talking about their new toys, current projects or general chat. We also have a Facebook group, website, YouTube channel and weekly Zoom meetings.

We’d like to build an online gallery of pictures of members bikes. So we are inviting all Branch members to send a photo of one of their Triumph bikes together with a sentence or two about it to so we can put them online.

Keep on rolling! 

Ton-Up Ted