Nacelle Report – April 2021

You gotta hang on ‘till tomorrow come what may? Writing this at the end of February, we are still to go on our first Branch ride of 2021 or meet up in person. By the end of February 2020, we’d already had six Branch ride-outs. In fact, last year, despite all the COVID restrictions, we still managed to have over 40 ride-outs. Please check out our YouTube channel “TOMCC Berkshire Runs” for some highlights of our 2020 rides. But we’re expecting to be riding again soon.  

 Boris’s four step plan announced in February means we can look forward to going on rides with one other person after the 8th March and rides in groups of up to six after the 29th March. By 17th May the limit will be raised to 30 people, which is more than we have ever had on a Branch ride, so our riding programme could be back in full swing by then. We have yet to get confirmation from the BCSA when it will re-open, buy we are hoping Branch meetings will restart in May. So with loosening restrictions and the weather getting warmer we have a lot to look forward to. It’s getting better all the time!!!

Now is the time to make sure your bike is ready to roll and look forward to some great Branch rides this year. Here are a couple of photographs to remind you of the good times which hope to come back soon.

Keep on rolling! 

Ton-Up Ted