Annual General Meeting 2020

The Triumph Owners Motor Cycle Club – Royal Berkshire Branch

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

Held on 13th February 2020

The BCSA, James Lane Burghfield at 20:30

Current / Outgoing Committee:

Chair:                               Lauraine Blackburn

Vice-Chair:                        Derek Young

Secretary:                         Don Maclean

Treasurer:                         Mick Billing

Social Secretary:               Don Maclean

Branch Scribe:                  Nick Swain

Runs Co-ordinator:            Collin Fox

Tools Registrar:                Mike Ryall

MAG Representative:        Derek Young

Regalia Officer                  Derick Nobbs

Events Co-ordinator:         Derek Young

Committee /Members /Associate Members/Guests who signed attendees list:

Paul Mansfield Mick Billing Nick Swain  
Dave Brown Lauraine Blackburn  
Richard Ing Derek Young  
Chris Mullard Steve Yarwood  
Bob Cromwell Peter Frebinte  
Andy Amass John Roberts  
Don Maclean Sid Rose  
Collin Fox Nick Ryan  
Mike Ryall Mick Bennett  
Derick Nobbs Mick Billing  
Terry Wood    

Apologies for absence:  Paul Ralph, Brian Elborn

  1. Confirmation of the Minutes of the 2019 AGM

The Chair, Lauraine Blackburn, welcomed all attendees to the 2020 Royal Berkshire Branch TOMCC (hereafter referred to as the Branch) AGM.  The minutes of the last AGM (February 2019), which had been displayed on the Branch website for most of the year, were circulated and the meeting confirmed them as an accurate record of the previous AGM.

2.       Matters Arising from the Minutes of the 2019 AGM


3.       Committee Reports

3.1     Chair’s Report

The Chair, Lauraine Blackburn, thanked members for coming and thanked the committee for all their work during the year. She noted that we had two successful shows last year, a good bring and buy sale, a Whatsapp group had been started and lots of runs had been organised.

3.2     Vice-Chairman’s Report

The Vice Chairman, Derek Young said he had nothing to add to Lauraine’s report.

3.3     Secretary’s Report

The Secretary, Don Maclean, reported that branch membership was down again slightly from last year’s total of 171 full members to 168 and one associate member. He said that the total goes up and down slightly each month. He suggested that the new Oxfordshire Branch may be partly the reason our numbers had gone down over the last two years. Don observed that the Branch still had a large catchment area. Most members join or renew online via the national website and the Branch is not involved.

3.4     Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer, Mick Billing, advised the meeting of the current financial status of the Branch and circulated detailed accounts of the Branch expenditure and income for the twelve months to 08/1/20 and the current balance. The accounts were recorded to the nearest 1p. Figures below are rounded to the nearest £1. He noted that the Branch had made a small surplus this year of £320.

Total income for the year was £5011, total expenditure was £4669 and there was £22 owed to HQ for outstanding renewals resulting in a net surplus for the year of £320.

The Summer show did better than expected, with income of £1557 and expenditure of £1026 resulting in a net surplus for the Summer Show of £531.

Cash in hand and in the bank was £4858, cash in the float was £78, money owed to HQ was £22 and tangible assets were £1464 giving total assets of £6,378. 

3.5     Scribe’s Report

The Scribe, Nick Swain, reported that Branch reports had been submitted to Nacelle every month, each with one or two photographs. Both the 2020 Old Bike Gathering and the 2020 Summer Show were in the Nacelle Diary Dates section and an advert for the summer show was in Nacelle. Both shows were also listed in the events section of the national TOMCC website and were on the Branch website and Facebook page.

In previous years we had produced business cards advertising our two shows. Instead, this year, we have produced 2500 flyers, printed in colour, which are smaller than A5, with details of the July Summer Show on one side and the June Old Bike Gathering on the other. These have been available since before Christmas and were distributed at the Toy Run and other events since.

3.6     Runs Coordinator’s Report

The runs co-ordinator, Collin Fox, reported that we had a lot of runs, several per month, and sometimes twice a week, with runs on both Sunday and Wednesday. There was a Whatsapp Group and a Facebook Group which members could join and where runs were discussed and arranged.  

Collin said that we had arranged a ride and weekend away (Friday 4th April to Monday 6th April) to the National AGM in Wales. The AGM was only for a few hours on the Sunday and allowed us to meet with other Branch members. The rest of the weekend would be spent going on rides in Wales which has very good biking roads. Other Branch members were welcome to join.

Collin said he now produces a regular Newsletter which is emailed out to all Branch Members and notifies them of upcoming events.  An events list had been produced which was now on the website showing events for the rest of the year and on the club noticeboard at the BCSA.

Collin encouraged members to suggest runs to go on and/or volunteer to lead runs.

3.7     MAG Representative’s Report

The MAG Representative reported that we had a Branch Stand at number of MAG events last year and intended to support these MAG events again this year. These were: the Reading MAG Easter Sunday Show (held at the BCSA like ours) and the Lion Rally and Wycombe MAG, Dirty Donkey and Chinnor Bike Dayz.

3.8     Tools Registrar’s Report

The Tools Registrar, Mike Ryall, explained that the club owned a set of specialist tools for loan to people that work on their own bikes. These were mostly for Meriden bikes but also included some Hinckley bike tools. These tools continue to be borrowed and returned throughout the year. There is a list of tools available on the notice board. However, if someone needed a tool which was not on the list, the Branch would consider buying it if it appeared to be something that could be useful to members in the future. He invited people to contact him if they wanted to borrow a tool.

3.9     Branch Show Co-Ordinator’s Report

The Show co-ordinator, Derek Young, reported that the club stand had been at a number of shows in 2019 and was planning to attend some of these shows again this year. As well as the MAG shows he had already mentioned earlier, these would include shows like Dr B’s. Other shows that we had attended in the past we may not attend this year, either because they were poorly attended or had restrictions, such as need to register in advance or because we had been offered unsuitable pitches. Derek said he was considering the Stoke Row Steam rally on the 13th/14th of June. He said he was happy to consider other shows that members suggested we could attend.

3.10    Regalia Officer’s Report

The Regalia Officer, Derick Nobbs, reported that during the year, 40 t-shirts had been sold, which is similar to the year before. He had also produced some fleeces this year, and 10 of these had been sold.

Derick then proposed some options for this year’s summer show t-shirt and displayed samples for the members to look at.  These were:

Grey with black writing

Pale blue with black writing

He also proposed that the shirts could be produced with a triangle on the sleeve (with or without a date)  in addition to/or instead of having the Summer Show and date on the back.

There was discussion whether people could order whatever colour they wanted. It was agreed that this was possible, but that we should still have an official colour for the summer show, as in previous years.

There was a vote by show of hands for the t-shirt colour this year.  The results were:

          Grey   13 votes

          Blue     5 votes

It was therefore agreed that the summer show t-shirt this year would be grey, with black writing and a triangle on the sleeve.

4.  Resignation of Existing Committee and Election of New Committee

The existing committee resigned.

The existing committee members had agreed to stand again and had been proposed and seconded on the nominations form on the notice board for the last month.

It had been decided that responsibility for the website should be a committee position. Therefore, the role of webmaster had been added to the nominations form. Paul Ralph had been proposed and seconded as webmaster.

It was agreed to appoint the new committee as set out on the nominations form.

The new committee therefore now is:

  Chair Lauraine Blackburn
  Vice Chair Derek Young
  Secretary Don Maclean
  Treasurer Mick Billing
  Scribe Nick Swain
  Runs Coordinator Collin Fox
  Tools Registrar Mike Ryall
  Regalia Officer Derick Nobbs
  Events Coordinator Derek Young
  MAG Representative Derek Young
  Webmaster Paul Ralph

5.  Agenda Proposal:  Renewal of MAG Membership

A proposal was made to continue to pay for Branch Associate membership (£100) of MAG for another year. The motion was put to the floor and carried.

6.  Agenda Proposal:  Renewal of NABD Membership

A proposal was made to renew membership of National Association for Bikers with a Disability (NABD) (£25) and also make a donation of £75 to the organization, making £100 altogether.  The motion put to the floor and carried.

7.  Agenda Item:  Christmas Party

There was some discussion about the Christmas party. It was noted that the numbers had been going down each year and most people attending left after dinner so the evening ended soon after 10pm, instead of carrying on until later, as it had in the past. It was suggested that it could be held in January, as there was a lot going on before Christmas and it therefore clashed with other events. It was also suggested that we might hold it at another venue, such as a restaurant, pub or hotel, which were more suitable. This might include music after dinner and if at a hotel, people may wish to stay the night. Don said he had been willing to take on responsibility for the Christmas party while it was a the BCSA and relatively easy to organise, but did not want to take on the job of selecting and booking a new venue.

It was agreed that the committee would look at the possibility of having next year’s annual winter party in January and at a new venue.

 8. Summer Show

The summer show will be on 18th July this year and this had already been advertised and was in the events list.

It was suggested that VMCC should be invited to the summer show. Collin said that he had invited them to the Old Bike Gathering.

It was suggested that we should invite other TOMCC Branches to our summer show. There was some discussion about joint activities with the Oxfordshire Branch. Last year we had met with the Oxfordshire Branch at the H Café and joint activities had been discussed, in particular, the idea of our Branch inviting them to skittles at the BCSA and their Branch inviting us to an Aunt Sally at a pub in their area. Neither of these had been taken further.

Chris Mullard suggested that we should consider proposing to  the TOMCC National Committee that the National AGM should be hosted at the BCSA one year.

9.  Old Motorcycle Gathering

The 2019 Old Motorcycle Gathering will be held on the 20th June at the BCSA and this has already been advertised and included in the events list.

The VMCC has been invited to attend.  

Lauraine said that she had invited other clubs, such as the Norton Owners Club before, but this had not led to any more attendance at the show. However, there had been a good turn-out from the BSA club at our Old Bike Gathering last year. It was suggested that we should invite them again.

Lauraine said that she had not been able to get an ice-cream or cake stall to attend the show this year.

It was questioned why both of our shows were held on a Saturday when most bike shows were held on Sundays. It was stated that the Old Bike Gathering was held on a Saturday so that it did not clash with  Dr B’s show which was always on the following day.

Saturday has traditionally been the day for our summer show partly to avoid clashing with other local bike events. It was moved to Sunday in 2015, but as that year there was a storm on the Sunday and it was cancelled at short noticde, it was not possible to assess how successful that would have been in normal weather conditions.

10.  Agenda Proposal: Donation to Berkshire Air Ambulance (£125)

A proposal to make a donation of £125 to the Air Ambulance was discussed. This was put to the floor and carried.    

11. Agenda Proposal: Donation to the Royal British Legion or other charity (£125)

In 2019, the Branch had decided to donate to Macmillan nurses (the cancer charity) instead of the Royal British Legion. There was some discussion about what we should do this year. It was agreed to donate £125 to the Macmillan nurses this year.  

12.  AOB

Bob Cromwell offered to run the quiz again this year. His offer was accepted and Lauraine thanked him for offering to do this.

Bob Cromwell thanked Collin Fox for initiating and producing the newsletter.

Close of Meeting