Triumph Tiger 650 1968

Entry number 015 – Entered by Andy

My Triumph Tiger 650 was originally exported from Meriden to Iceland on 28th May 1968.

There were a huge number of American troops at the Air Base in Reykjavík at that time. They bought bikes from the local distributor at a better price than in the US, and shipped them back home, my bike found its way to the US.

It stayed there, being repatriated in August 2000.

I have enjoyed my Triumph since that time.

Standard American spec. I have fitted Boyer Bransden electronic ignition, and Podtronics regulator.

Andy’s Triumph Tiger 650 – 1968

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Triumph Tiger 90 1937

Entry number 011 – Entered by Malcolm

I purchased the Tiger 90 at a swap meet in El Camino, California in 1991 when I lived in Los Angeles. I stripped and rebuilt it soon thereafter and rode it in a number of local events. Though, as might be imagined, excursions on to LA freeways was no fun at all.

I repatriated the bike when I returned to the UK in 2001 and have ridden it on many outings with the Berkshire VMCC Section and on several holidays around the UK.

Malcolm’s Triumph Tiger 90 -1937

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Triumph 6T Thunderbird (Bathtub) 1961

Entry number 008 – Entered by James

After 4 years of searching, I found my fathers old bike for sale. He used to ride it up and down the Kings Road in London in 1962, commuting from work at Peter Jones to Wandsworth common. This is where my parents met, so she is now reunited with the family… since September 2019 all of the chrome has been re-done, and bodywork is in the paint shop as I type.

Jame’s Triumph 6T Thunderbird (Bathtub) – 1961

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Triumph 6S Deluxe 1937

Entry number 007 – Entered by Mark

I bought this bike when I was 17 it was in bits over the years I have restored it. Because the Triumph factory that it was built in was bombed in approximately 1942 I found it very hard to get any information on it . I managed to find a classic bike magazine that had an issue of the 1937 Earl’s Court motorcycle show and on display was my bike, price to buy when new was £62.10s on the road. I  have owned it for 53 years and absolute love it it also runs.

Mark’s Triumph 6S Deluxe – 1937

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Triumph T100 Pre-Unit 1955

Entry number 006 – Entered by Bill

The Bike was originally shipped to Sri Lanka supposedly as a demo bike and was then eventually acquired by a Massey Ferguson Rep based in Singapore. It then followed him around the globe before ending up back in the UK some 5 years ago when it had a full engine overhaul.

Unfortunately the overhaul wasn’t the best to say the least but I know have it running as it should do and it does great service on Berkshire VMCC runs.

Bill’s Triumph T100 Pre Unit – 1955

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Triumph TR5t Trophy Trail 1972

Entry number 004 – Entered by Jim

1972 TR5t 500cc. This bike  came back from America in 2000, was dated by the club in 2001 as a 1972. The engine is 1 month newer for some reason. The bike which looked ok when bought was unrideable with many issues, but after much work now runs really lovely as long as you are not in a hurry, very light and handles really well.

Jim’s Triumph TR5t Trophy Trail – 1972

Triumph Bonneville T120 1969

Entry number 001 – Entered by Nick

This is my 1969 Triumph Bonneville. I bought in 2007 from an advert on the internet. It was in good condition, but it did not have the right shape tank and the colours were wrong for a 1969.So I bought another second hand tank and got it and the mudguards painted in the orginal 1969 colours of olympic flame (a red/orange) and silver with white pin striping. The engine seized about a year after I bought it. I stripped down the engine and had the crankshaft reground by SRM and then rebuilt. I’ve to replace a number of other bits and pieces over the years that I have had it.

Nick’s Triumph Bonneville T120 – 1969